What are families saying about Good Shepherd Catholic School?

"We came to GSCS in order for our children to receive a better academic and spiritual experience. As Covid 19 hit and schools were forced to close, we were very concerned about the continuation of our children’s education. Thankfully GS responded immediately. We currently have 2-3 zoom class calls each day on Monday thru Thursday, and a one-on-one zoom meeting with the teacher on Friday. Recently while walking the dog we ran into some friends who still are at the local public school we attended before GS. From what we learned, the public school took ten days to get started with on line learning after schools were officially closed. Zoom class calls are held once a week on Monday for one hour. Sadly, I feel like some of those kids will end up further behind. All three of our GS students remain very busy with both their academic and spiritual studies. They miss their friends, teachers, uniforms, sports, and PE. We feel very blessed to have our children in the care of such great teachers and staff." - James Slane

"I, strongly feel that one of the reasons that my granddaughter is who she is today, was based on the foundation of education, religion, and family values that she received by attending Good Shepherd Catholic School." - Grandparent of an Alum

"Good Shepherd is a wonderful learning community. The teachers are dedicated and kind. My child is getting all the academics without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Good core curriculum, plus chickens, life lab, Spanish, music, art. The preschool has been great for both my children. Unlike many preschools, full days are available.” - Current Parent

“Wonderful school. Amazing teachers and a great community. My son transferred for middle school and integrated right away. It's been a great experience! “ - Current Parent

“Thank you Good Shepherd for preparing my son for the academic rigor of high school! He’s doing exceptionally well.” - Alum Parent

"Good Shepherd has been an incredible benefit to our children’s lives. We changed from the public school system to focus on academic excellence. What we found once in the school was a positive, warm acceptance of our children and incredible feeling of family. We are grateful to be a part of a community.” - 3rd & 7th Grade Parents

"Good Shepherd is not only a school, it is a community that has helped by son grow as a student, good citizen and friend." - 7th Grade Parent

"Although we are not Catholics, we’ve found the spiritual influence amazing. The school takes the loving spirit beyond campus...by volunteering at homeless shelters…” - 6th, 7th and Alum Parent