Middle School

Curriculum Highlights

The Middle School years (6-8 grade) at Good Shepherd Catholic School are focused on challenging young people, building their confidence and preparing them for the rigorous demands of the excellent high schools to which our students matriculate.

The GSCS Middle School curriculum presents academic core classes, balanced by high-interest elective courses. The school day consists of seven 45-minute periods with six core subjects — English language and literature, mathematics, religion, science, Spanish and physical education — along with one elective course.

  • Departmentalized classes
  • 21st Century Education: Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Project-Based Learning
  • English Language & Literature
  • Math
  • Religion
  • Science Lab: Hypothesize, Predict and Explore, Hands-On Experience
  • History
  • Foreign Language: Spanish Grammar Fundamentals, Conversational, Prepares for High School Spanish I or II
  • Physical Education
  • Electives

The Middle School years can be challenging on many levels for both boys and girls due to the many developmental changes they experience. Middle School students at GSCS find a safe, welcoming, and stimulating learning environment, where individuals are recognized for their unique gifts and talents in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Our dynamic curriculum, the support of nurturing, talented teachers, and a warm spirit of friendship result in happy, confident, well-prepared young men and women who are ready for the world of high school and beyond.

Our Middle School students enjoy diverse co-curricular activities reflecting the school’s emphasis on well-roundedness:

  • After-school intramural sports: basketball, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, track and cross country, and volleyball to promote the values of sportsmanship, and camaraderie;
  • Our “Big Buddy” program encourages school spirit and unity;
  • A service learning program in which all Middle School students work collaboratively in an area of need that matters to them, contributing to the community while learning about civics and leadership. Students develop and lead projects drawn from five categories: Environment, Health and Human Services, Public Safety, Education, and Social Issues;
  • The Service and Leadership elective courses — comprising one of our graduation requirements — cultivate social awareness, leadership, and empathy;
  • Exciting field trips and overnight excursions to Camp Sea Lab, Yosemite and Colonial Virginia provide firsthand opportunities for our Middle School students to apply their learning, try new and unfamiliar experiences, and develop their self-confidence.
  • All of our academic and co-curricular programs in grades 6-8 encourage friendships and social skill building, and our Middle School socials are well attended reflecting the sense of unity young people enjoy in the Middle School at GSCS.