Internet Use Policy

Good Shepherd Catholic School students have Internet access and email accounts to conduct research, complete and share their assignments, and participate in educationally sound enrichment projects. Parent permission is required for all technology uses during school hours. Parents and students must understand that access to the internet is a privilege, not a right. Students must adhere to the following policy In order to have access to the school's technological resources as well as for use of any type of technology while on the school site.

Students are required to check their technology devices into the care of a teacher at the start of the school dry. Cell phones must be off and computers must be in a case and fully charged with the power cord available as needed. Students will be able to access technology with teacher permission and must be supervised by a teacher when using technology. Technology may not be used outside during recess or during lunch unless teacher supervision is in place. At the end of the school day, students may collect technology, but are not allowed to use It without teacher permission or parent supervision until off the school site.

Students attending the afterschool SEP program are required to check their technology into to the designated area identified by the SEP Director. While on the school site, students are to use technology for school purposes and only with permission and supervision.

As Active Digital Citizens who are faith-filled people, life-long learners, and globally aware moral leaders, Good Shepherd Catholic School students will, when using technology:

  1. Model the teachings of Jesus and scripture by
    • Treating technology with respect. Students must ask permission before using any form of another person's technology.
    • Thinking Before You Click — Remember what is posted online stays accessible for years to come and can be accessed by anyone.
    • Speaking and writing with kindness — Count to 10 before you reply or send Information through email, text, Instant message, or any form of social media. As a Good Shepherd parent or student, you are a part of a faith-filled community, therefore your word choices matter and represent all of us.
  2. Communicate effectively by
    • Becoming aware and recognizing that communicating with technology Is a skill. Messages sent using technology mot be clearly written. When reading a message from someone else, remember to ask questions before coming to a conclusion as there are no facial expressions or voice tones Included in most technology messages. AssumptIons or miscommunication can happen. Be responsible for finding the truth before perpetuating misinformation.
    • Informing a trusted adult If something happens when using technology that makes you feel uncomfortable.
    • Using MLA formatting to cite sources from online or literary resources. Plagiarism Is not tolerated.
    • Getting permission from the classroom teacher before using any form of social media at school
    • Not conducting business-type transactions such as selling or buying of goods and/or advertising
  3. Show respect and appreciation for all people and cultures by
    • Being aware that when you choose to express your opinion in an online forum, your word choices may negatively affect others; at all times be aware of what you send or say online as you don't know how it may be interpreted by others.
    • Respecting the privacy rights of our school families by not sending any photographs of Good Shepherd students at school sponsored events without first getting permission from a teacher or administrator and the family.
    • Protecting your private information and the private information of others.

Consequences for Violation: Violations of these rules may result in disciplinary action, including the loss of a student's privilege to use the school's information technology resources and/or bring individual technology to school.

Suspension and Monitoring: While social media is not generally allowed at school, it is part of daily communication for a large number of people; therefore at Good Shepherd we acknowledge its use and existence. Understand, however, there can be times when social media misuse outside the school will have consequences for the school as it disrupts the safe learning environment and violates student privacy. Disciplinary action may be taken in these cases.

School and network administrators and their authorized employees monitor the use of information technology resources to help ensure that uses are secure and in conformity with this policy. Administrators reserve the right to examine, use, and disclose any data found on the school's information networks and personal devices brought and used at school in order to further the health, safety, discipline, and/or security of any student or other person, or to protect property. This information may also be used in disciplinary consequences at school and will be provided as evidence of crime to law enforcement should the situation warrant such action.