We came to GSCS in order for our children to receive a better academic and spiritual experience. As Covid 19 hit and schools were forced to close, we were very concerned about the continuation of our children’s education. Thankfully GS responded immediately. We currently have 2-3 zoom class calls each day on Monday thru Thursday, and a one-on-one zoom meeting with the teacher on Friday. Recently while walking the dog we ran into some friends who still are at the local public school we attended before GS. From what we learned, the public school took ten days to get started with on line learning after schools were officially closed. Zoom class calls are held once a week on Monday for one hour. Sadly, I feel like some of those kids will end up further behind. All three of our GS students remain very busy with both their academic and spiritual studies. They miss their friends, teachers, uniforms, sports, and PE. We feel very blessed to have our children in the care of such great teachers and staff. - James Slane

GS has done an outstanding job in implementing Distant Learning for their students, it was handled quickly and in an organized manner. As a parent with children at different schools, I can tell you that the difference is significant and our family is beyond thankful for all the hard work the faculty and staff has put in. GS goes beyond other schools in not only keeping their students engaged but also, the support provided is amazing!

The daily schedule of having classes is on point. Having the scheduled Zoom classes throughout the day keeps the children engaged and on track. It also creates a normalcy for our student during this crazy time, which is so important.

Also, I've found that when my student was starting to fall behind the teachers reached out directly to me and didn't wait until the last minute. Not only was I aware of the situation the teacher let me know they had a plan to work with our student and that they would reach out if there was something we could do to support them. This not only helps maintain the relationship between the student and teacher it also helped tremendously relieve pressure from our family who has been working throughout the Pandemic.

The commitment to keeping our student engaged and on track is amazing. Our family will forever be grateful to the entire team at GS.

Thanks for being the rock of education through this unknown time! - Jennifer Wells

Thank you so much for all the great read-a-louds. Science experiments and singing, etc. - Lauren Molinaro

I am a big fan of the Facebook page. As much as I am trying to minimize screen time, I get on it as often as I can and have my son watch the videos. We ALL enjoy seeing you all through the videos and it doesn’t feel like we haven’t seen you in so long, so that’s been a great highlight in our days. I’m a fan of the coloring pages and links to ideas, I’m going to cut out the cupcakes today. You all are so creative and quick to create such a wonderful resource for us – THANK YOU!

Thanks SO much for ALL you do! You are amazing! - Maureen