Thank you for your Annual Fund support

Annual Fund 2020-2021 Progress Tracker

Updated at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, May 7, 2021


This list was updated at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, May 7, 2021, and includes all donors from whom the school has received their gift or a completed pledge form.

List Of Donors

Alaga, John & Sharon
Anne & Earl Eubanks
Ballard, Susana
Barbara Canfield
Bargetto, Sharon
Beckett, James & Kimberlin
Blanco, Naomi
Carrubba, Teresa & Paul
Casalegno, Cathy
Casey, Jill
Lindberg Family
Castiglioni, Katherine
Cavaille, Dennis
Chandler, Angela & Richard
Cortes, Steve
Costa, Edward
Custodio, Arsenia & Danilo
Delos, Rodrigo & Patrocinio
Deluxe market
Desrosier, Mariel
Determan, Fred & Mollie
Determan, Rich & Teresa
Devencenzi, Heather
Dioszegi, Louis & Gloria
Donation from Resurrection parishioner
Donna Garza
Ensminger, David, Betty and Bryce
Finney, Jan & Jerry
Flanagan, Kathleen and Barraclough, Walter (Slanes)
Fuller, Susan
Garza, Donna
Giorgianni, Andrew
Griffin, Sean & Bernadine
Hamner, Richard
Hanlon, James
Hoehenrieder, Franz and Emma
Italian Catholic Federation
Jack & Erin Watson
Jack and Erin Watson
James & Maria Miller
Janjic, Milutin
Jim Duffy
K.J. & L.D. Paolino
Klicker, Robert & Nancy
Knapp, Mr. & Mrs. Steven
Kosek Family Trust - Kosek, Margaret & Jon
Kotila, Jane
Lane, John
Laura Garvin
Marcus Monte
Mark & Lisa Klicker
Maroney, Sandy
Mary Jo Della Maggiore
McAdams, Richard
McFadden, Wayne & Susan
McLeod, James & William
Meck, Barbara
Mello, David & Mary
Molnar, Charles in honor of Aidan Lopez Molnar
Mueschen, Kristy & Gordon
Muller Sasso
Muzzio, Patricia & Richard
Nelson, Thomas
Noble, Marcie
O'Donnell, Kathleen
Olson, Teresa
Patz, Mary & Richard
Peterson, Kimberly
Quintero, Jackie
Raffo Family Charitable Fund
Raffo, Caroline
Robinson, Lea & Tony
Roe, Carol
Scruton, Shari
Seabreeze Farms David Morgan
Seffinger, Steven
Sheridan, Michael & Elaine
Sibert, Robert & Mary
Siptin, Gizelle & John
Sisters of the Holy Names, Sister Maleada Strange
Spaulding grandparents donation for additional PPE
Stott, Michelle
Stott, Michelle
Stow, Christy
Sullivan, David & Marian
Tannaci, Julie & John
Thomas, Ann
Thomas, Mary Camille
Victorino, Karen
Viglienzoni, David & Jeanne
Vilija-Web Design and Development
Visco-Mamula, Heather & Aaron
Warner, Chardonnay
Watkins, William
Watson, Erin & Jack
Watson, Jack & Erin
Watson, Jack & Erin
Weiss, Elizabeth
White, Jaime

Donate Now

Each year parents, alumni, and friends of Good Shepherd Catholic School show their support for our family of teachers and students by making a gift to the GSCS Annual Giving Fund. The GSCS Annual Giving makes tuition affordable for families by enabling the school to bridge the gap between tuition fees revenue and the cost for educating our students. Good Shepherd Catholic School depends on these gifts to meet current needs on campus and enrich the day-to-day intellectual, social, spiritual and personal development of every student.

For more information about employer matching gifts, transferring stock, or the GSCS Annual Giving Fund, Director of Marketing, or Kim Mindling, Bookkeeper,, 831-476-4000.

Why donate to the Annual Giving Fund?

  • Makes tuition affordable for each child.
  • Bridges the gap between actual tuition costs and tuition fees revenue.
  • Funds for immediate needs of the school: implementation of new curriculum, purchase of new technology and equipment, professional development